Aerial Lift Operator

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STPlus “OST-SB” Course Training (download course details)

Aerial Training for Scissors & Booms lifts provides the participant the necessary knowledge regarding the units operation, hazards and safeguards. This course consists of Classwork, Written testing and (Hands-On) Practical Evaluation.

Training is administered by Professional Safety Trainers, specialized in delivering operator training for Aerial equipment with an engaging course that exposes participants to multi-media content, cause & effect accident videos and current events. We are a completely Mobile Company – providing onsite training at your location alleviating participant travel.

All participants are issued course completion certificate and photo ID cards, (with successful course completion). STPlus provides and maintains all necessary recordkeeping and made available to customer 24/7. This training will help to minimize “loss time accidents” and help to maintain or improve your EMR – Experience Modification Rating.                                                           

Benefits to the participants; 

  • Multi-Media Presentation to keep participants ENGAGED
  • Accident Cause & Effect Analysis to keep participants LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING
  • Course Completion & Photos IDs to keep participants HONEST about who is a trained “Qualified Person”
  • Certs and IDs list Standards trained to keep participant and employer INFORMED of their skill set
  • Training records are maintained electronically beyond ANSI 4 year requirements

Course Objective

  • Provide Professional Instruction / Training – for Operators that is consistent with the applicable OSHA/ ANSI Standards.
  • This is “Operator Training” NOT simply a ½ hour tool-box talk or “equipment familiarization” that is by some – passed off as training.
  • This program will provide the necessary training requirements to advance jobsite workers/staff/employees to “Qualified Person” status as required by OSHA/ANSI.
  • This operator status will be validated by the issuance, with successful course completion, a Course Completion Certificate and Photo ID Wallet Card by Safety Training Plus, and is valid for 3 years.

Course Duration and Prerequisites

Approximately (4) Hours is required to administer the operator safety training, however class size and operator’s skill set do have an effect on the course duration. Though there are no specific prerequisites trainees must have a working knowledge of the equipment being operated.