Why do we get trained? 

Because it’s the law! 

Whether you are using Aerial or Forklifts – Employers must provide their employees with information, supervision, instruction and training.  The operator training must be appropriate for the purposes of Health and Safety by a Competent person. No one shall work from an Aerial Work Platform or operate a Powered Industrial Truck unless he/she has been selected, trained and authorized to do so, or is undergoing formal training under supervision.

Training in safety is most important for all operators and should be provided as an integral part of their employment.  An equipment operator should be trained to the level of skill necessary to work efficiently and with care for the safety of himself and others, the plant and the equipment.  The operator should be tested during and on completion of training to determine his competence and to instil a responsible attitude towards his duties.  

For years now the aerial & forklift industries have been relying on the OEM’s “canned” training materials – usually a video or DVD provided by local lift dealers to achieve the ANSI/OSHA requirement of “qualified person” status for operators.  As we are finding out, this simple approach just does not do a good enough job of providing appropriate safety training to operators.

Welcome to Safety Training Plus… 

Our core business is preventing incidents by enlightening operators, providing thorough safety training and ultimately saving lives.